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Kid PlayingResearch confirms the value of early education for young children. The Sunflower School’s early education programs are committed to support effective teaching practices that have been shown to lead to important growth in children’s intellectual and social development. Our programs reflect our philosophy that high standards for learning lead to high achievement and ensure future academic success. Our quality programs provide challenging but achievable curriculum, which engage children with thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others. The teachers at the Sunflower School will provide our children with the direction and guidance necessary to respond to the challenge of acquiring these important skills and concepts.

Our teaching techniques acknowledge that due to differences in age and previous experiences, children have a great diversity of knowledge and the speed with which they acquire new knowledge. Some children, regardless of their age level, will be at the beginning of the learning continuum, while others will be further along. Our classroom assignments and teaching techniques will be geared to address this range through the use of motivational techniques and multi-level approaches. Despite the varying thresholds of children, our ultimate goal will be for all our students to achieve readiness skills for kindergarten, which prove to be the key factor to thrive as a happy, successful student throughout life.


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